Hello World

Hello world..
this is imachak news blogs. enjoy & visit here to view any article about hackmac for pc.
Only this time I could make a blog about hackintosh. Previous plans to create a blog always fail because it is constrained by time.
I am aware, I am not an expert, but I am here just wanted to share what I've learned and I wrote on this simple blog. who knows could be useful for some people who need enlightenment.

Actually I do not so often use much less tried this and it was on a hackintosh, because my time is also divided for another flurry.
but I would as much as possible want to make this blog to be better later in the day to discuss about osx and hackintosh.

imachak hello world pic

Not only that, I purposely build this blog also do not want to miss the internet world that is lately grown so rapidly.
all things can be found on the internet .. knowledge, entertainment, and selling ..
so my expectations, with this blog will also become a medium of learning for me personally.
Because for me, what I know comes down from the internet, then the knowledge that I have I must also share in the Internet to be useful for anyone who needs it. regardless I am not an expert.


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