Hackintosh Kext For Asus K42F OSX Mountain Lion

Some days I do not publish new articles on this blog. I am grateful today little chance to write articles for hackintosh user.
by chance a few days ago there was someone who brought a laptop Asus K42F need to installed OSX Mountain Lion. and after I checked on the net, this laptop has constraints on its ethernet which until recently no kext that support, so that ethernet can work well. each of us recently turned on the computer, then the ethernet does not have an ethernet mac address, so that it always fails to work.
But for other hardware devices able to work pretty well, like wifi, audio and others.
Here I have already provided some files that you can use between dsdt that I have patched (not including patch for audio, if you want to use applehda than voodoohda, clamp the dsdt using the dsdt patch you can get on the internet).

And if you use a kext provided here, you no longer need to use the nullcpu kext again. You can remove and replace nullcpu kext and then replace the default AICPM kext using AICPM  kext that I provide on the download section below.

Hackintosh Kext For Asus K42F OSX Mountain Lion

For the kext file, you can download at below :

Asus K42F Kext

Thanks, hopefully what I've shared this could be useful for users who want to hackintoshing on their asus k42f series. see you later. and hope you get success.

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