Easy Way To Create Ubuntu Usb Installer Under MacOs X

Before I came to used mac os x, I often used Ubuntu Linux operating system besides Ms.Windows. I very love Ubuntu because of its operating system is indeed really safe from viruses, especially the Linux system is very flexible. until finally I am now using and loving mac os x operating system.
Since I've been around long enough to use Linux Ubuntu, there are times when I really felt miss with this operating system, until I want to reminisce back. for me, there is a desire to create a dual boot between mac Osx and Linux.

But then I feel constrained by a variety of things that resulted in me could not make a USB Ubuntu installer in mac os system. Although it has been using applications such as unetbootin, inexplicably installing ubuntu on pen drive cannot boot properly.
Until finally, I was looking for a guide on the Official Ubuntu site, I eventually found the guide the process of making ubuntu USB installer in mac os system.
In this article, I just wanted to clarify a few steps so that anyone who needs this guide does not meet any obstacles. All the process quite worked through mac os terminal application.
For a guide, please see below:

how to create ubuntu usb installer on mac osx

Converting iso file to img file

  • Make sure to download first ubuntu iso file on their official site here, after completing the download.. place the iso file on your mac os x desktop, and rename the ubuntu iso file into "ubuntu64" (just an example to make easier).
  • Open the terminal application in advance, because we have to revamp the ubuntu iso file into the image file to be processed for next step. and then type below command on terminal application screen:
    hdutil convert -format UDRW -o ~/Desktop/ubuntu64.img ~/Desktop/ubuntu64.iso
And then press enter on on your keyboard. wait until the process completed as shown in the picture below:
Easy Way To Create Ubuntu Usb Installer Under MacOs X
After the conversion process is complete, then you will find two files named ubuntu64.iso and ubuntu64.img.dmgremember, don't close your terminal application, because we still need it.

Restoring dmg file  on to USB flash drive

  • Type below command on your terminal screen "diskutil list" (without quote sign).
  • Watch carefully on the terminal screen, locate your flash drive identifier. in this practice, my USB flash drive identifier exists in /dev/disk4.
  • Once you know the location identifier of your USB flash drive, now we need to unmount it first by typing the command below:
    diskutil unmountDisk /dev/diskX ( if your USB identifier show as /dev/disk5, then replace diskX to disk5 and so forth..) and wait until the message "Unmount all of the volumes on diskX was successful" appear on the terminal screen.
  • Once the unmounting flash drive is finished, and now then we need to restore ubuntu64.img.dmg on to the flash drive, to complete this step. we need by typing the below command:
    sudo dd if=~/Desktop/ubuntu64.img.dmg of=/dev/rdiskX bs=1m 
(replace the X on rdiskX with flash drive identifier belongs to you) When restoring these dmg files phase is running, don't close the terminal until restoring process is completed. After the process is complete, you can revoke your flash drive and ready to use for install ubuntu onto your desktop/laptop. to eject your flash drive, type the below command:

diskutil eject /dev/diskX

And the job is done.
Hopefully, you're helped by this short article. thanks for coming here. see u soon.

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