Solving Of Waiting For DSMOS or DSMOS Has Arived

In mac osx installation problems, many people including myself are experiencing problems with Waiting For DMOS or DSMOS Has Arrived. This problem is common when we finished the installation of the Mac OSX operating system, or could have happened because it has been updating a mac osx system with the latest version.
Lots people to write about this, but I think I also have to write my experiences on this blog so that it could be useful for others.
Some people conclude due to caused by the existence of the kext FakeSMC requiring an update to the latest version. However, there is a unique experience that I experienced when I installed mac osx on my friend's computer who use Gigabyte mainboard with intel core i7 processor (sandybridge).

It happen after I installed the updated version of mac osx from version 1.9.0 to 1.9.5 maverick combo update. After the update process is complete, the computer will restart. After the restart what happened makes me surprised, because the process of booting the computer become very slow, and then appear the words Waiting For DSMOS. I think there is a problem in the kext FakeSMC, until I replace with latest version still can't resolve the problem. Trying to rehabilitate kext permissions also just the same. Then what can make my friends computer successfully log in to the mac os x desktop?! I will explain all the steps I've used to do to fix this problem.
Who knows one of the following ways below can help you to resolve the problem of Waiting For DSMOS problems even dsmos DSMOS Has Arived:

Solving Of Waiting For DSMOS or DSMOS Has Arived

Caused by FakeSMC

Some people say the problem of Waiting For DSMOS is caused by kext FakeSMC need to update with the latest version, it is not actually true.

Fix permissions.

This tips you can try as an alternative. If you're having trouble Waiting For DSMOS. You need to do that is go into single user mode using the bootflag – s (if you use chameleon/chimera bootloader).
After signing in to the mac os x terminal screen, and then type the following command:

  • /sbin/mount – uw
  • cd /
  • sudo chown root: admin/
  • exit

and then press enter on your keyboard.

Or you can type reboot instead and press the enter key on the keyboard to restart your mac os x computer. If the problem still occurs, where log again into single user mode, and then type :

  • /sbin/mount-uw
  • mkdir ~/bakgpu
  • cd /S*/E*/L*

the above command is to create a folder named bakgpu, and then we go to the extension folder at System/Library/Extensions, after that if your hackintosh computer use AMD GPU, then type the command as below :

  • mv ATI * ~/bakgpu
  • mv AMD * ~/bakgpu 

When you use the nvidia gpu, type the command as follows:

  • mv NVD * ~/bakgpu

and if you are using the intel gpu, then type the command below:

  • mv AppleIntelGMA * ~/bakgpu
  • mv AppleIntelHD * ~/bakgpu
  • mv AppleIntelSNB * ~/bakgpu
  • mv AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer. ~/bakgpu
  • exit

If this step on the computer you can log into your Mac OSX desktops, there lies the problem could be said in the graphic kext. The solution is need to configure or update the gfx kext on your computer.

However, in my experience it's very strange natural ... I have done the above steps, but in no way can resolve the issue.
and then somehow, I accidentally replaced the sata hard drive cable with another sata cable to the computer, the result is my friend's computer is successfully logged on to the Mac OS X desktop.
I am a bit relieved, because what I do is just mildly speculation only. However the result was able to overcome the problem of Waiting For DSMOS.

Thus my little experience on issues Waiting for dsmos, you can also try the above methods if you run into problems DSMOS has arived.
I hope this simple article can help your problem. I say many thanks for your visit to this blog. God bless you always!!

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