The Best USB Wifi Adapter For Your HackMac Osx (Including Kext)

There are so many hackintosh enthusiasts that is plagued with wifi that is not supported by mac os x.
and sometimes they still remain to impose install the Mac OS X operating system to their laptops, although the wifi card on the laptop completely doesn't supported by mac osx.
but they outsmart the wifi card to buy new or used, and some even with swapping their wifi card with other products that can indeed be able to work in the system mac osx.

Mac OS X operating system does attract a lot of people, because the software is free to use by the apple, in their addition, Mac OS X has its own value compared to other operating systems.

But if you want to use usb wifi rather than swapping existing wifi card on your laptop, then it will be great for dropping the option to usb wifi. in addition with usb wifi, you can also plug them into a desktop or laptops. so that in this way will be more saving your funds. yeps .. I always put the economism plan. but before you decide to buy a usb wifi. there are some things you should know. such as which brands and types of usb wifi that capable supported entirely by mac osx, so you do not buy them useless. therefore, to be more clear, which kind usb wifi that is worth to buy, please refer to the list below for propher usb wifi, which is able to run well on mac os x. and I would also include the download kexts url for each type. here's the list :

TPLink TL-WN725N V2 / TP-Link TL-WN723N V3

This usb wifi have been tested between Mac Osx Snow Leopard even Yosemite.
and the vendor also provided kext for mac os x. but if you already have the usb wifi and want to download the kext, you can click the below link :
TP-Link TL-WN723N V3 Mac OSX Kext
TP-Link TL-WN723N V3 Mac OSX Kext

Dlink DWA-123 V.D1 F/W.4.0

Dlink DWA-123 also run well on mac osx yosemite, if you used osx el capitan, you should try it too. for kext download, click below url :
Dlink DWA-123 V.D1 F/W.4.0 Kext
Dlink DWA-123 V.D1 F/W.4.0 Kext
Dlink DWA-123 V.D1 F/W.4.0 Kext

TPLink TL-WN727N V4

The usb wifi is have been tested on mac osx 10.8.X - 10.10.X. try it for your mac.
here's the download kext :

Direct Download
Alternate Download

And that list usb wifi could works well on Mac OS X operating system. I hope this article can help you find the right choice for usb wifi for your mac osx desktop or laptop.
thank you took time to come in this simple blog. bye..

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