Things to Know Before Starting Hackintosh

Installing Mac Osx System software on a desktop computer can be pleasant. but it's also very demanding activity prudent that what we do is not so lead to unwanted risks.
even though we will not experience material losses, but time will waste a lot.

To learn to install mac os system on a computer, there are many things we need to know at least from some experts Hackintosh. as suggested by PJALM (known as a coder). he is very well known as a DSDT developer for computer equipment that will be used as Hackintosh components.

I will not reduce even add advice from him. but please consider the suggestion of his advice just for you care and understand.
and sometimes we also need to be in violation of any advice from the experts. because we need specific research to find the best way for us.
the following suggestions conveyed by PJALM before we do install mac os X operating system on your desktop computer:

  1. Take away all nonessential hardware and USB devices before starting an installation.
  2. Don't erase your OS X installation USB. If any problems arise once install you'll want it.
  3. Don't use BIOS Raid or IDE SATA settings, only AHCI.
  4. Don't use somebody else's SSDT/DSDT, invariably create your own set.
  5. Don't use somebody else's herb Config file unless you are positive it works for your system.
  6. Use Intel/Broadcom/Atheros LAN.
  7. Use Broadcom/Atheros BT/WiFi. (Intel WLAN doesn't work, conjointly avoid USB WiFi)
  8. Use glorious working audio codecs like Realtek ALC 269, 283, 885, 887, 888, 889, 892, 898, 1150.
  9. Use as lowest kexts as attainable, a lot of you utilize the possibility of allocation errors will increase.
  10. Use Clover's on-the-fly kext reparation whenever attainable rather than Perl scripts and manually reduction system files.
  11. Avoid dance band WiFi/BT mPCIe cards if you'll.
  12. Avoid x58/x79/x99/AMD chipsets.
  13. Avoid Intel motherboards, best to use Gigabyte/ASUS/MSI/ASRock.
  14. Avoid mixed configs like Sandy processor on common ivy motherboard or common ivy processor on Sandy motherboard.
  15. Avoid mixed RAM sorts or sizes in the same channel.
  16. Avoid nVidia graphics unless u actually need CUDA. confine mind most Adobe apps ar currently optimized for OpenCL.
  17. Avoid nonreference cards for ATI/AMD graphics. (For the R5/R7/R9 series, avoid not 'x' cards)
  18. Avoid legacy bootloaders like the chameleon on UEFI motherboards.
  19. Avoid any distros, invariably best to try and do a vanilla OSX install.
  20. Avoid installers like MyHack that take away and install unknown kexts and services.
  21. Avoid putt any kexts in /System/Library/Extensions, use /EFI/CLOVER/kexts/10.x or /Extra/Extensions instead.


At the point above. there are a few points that I think is appropriate and not appropriate (IMHO). not my intention to refute the suggestion of a PJALM. but there are several reasons that require me to violate his advice.
for an example at point 13,16,19,20. I will discuss what the purpose of my rebuttal.

Point 13 to avoid intel motherboard.

If you already have an Intel motherboard and do not want to buy a new mainboard, there is no harm in trying it first on your intel mainboard.
I've installed the operating system Mac OS X on intel motherboard belong to my friend. and can work well.
as long as they can work well and no harm, why should you buy a new mainboard ?!

Point 16 to avoid Nvidia GPU unless u actually need CUDA

The same reason on point 13 above. If we already have the Nvidia GPU and can work well on mac os X. why do we have to buy another nor new brand of GPU ?! whether we need cuda or not. for reasons of saving funds. This advice can be ignored.

Point 19 to avoid Mac Osx distro

The sense of distributions mac os x is a distribution that has been customized by developers. such as adding kext and other customizations. with the aim to simplify the installation process on a computer.
in the world of Microsoft Windows operating system, there is such distro like windows 7 lite, windows XP dark, windows 7 AIO, and so forth.
Likewise in mac os x, there also are distributions like IATkos and so forth.
for me, the use of distributions is more appropriate for beginners because all processes run automatically. although sometimes when using a mac os x distro still need more knowledge.
but if you are starting to feel a little bit to understand the process of installing Mac OS X on a computer, you can use the advice of PJALM to use pure MacOSX vanilla installation method.

Point 20 to avoid MyHack installation method.

Maybe PJALM and some people do not need Myhack application. I feel help with the myhack application when I need to install Mac Osx on my intel core2duo computer.
I don't understand the purpose of the unknown kext and service as pjalm said. when Myhack deleted Intel CPU power management kext that cause the kernel panic on my core2duo computer, it's normal when myhack deleted this kext and replacing with nullcpupowermanagement.kext.
why..? because there's no patched intel CPU kext for my intel core2duo computer. I think its fine.

And that some of the reasons I rejected some suggestions from pjalm. because not all people who want to install the operating system mac Osx able to buy the latest computer hardware. especially for me who live in poor countries. any computer, as long as it still possible to install mac os x, why we buy a new computer?! when you have unlimited funds, buy any news computer hardware.. and follow pjalm advice then.

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