How to Patch Hackintosh Audio With AppleHDA Patcher

First of all, before the application AppleHDA Patcher released, to patch the audio Hackintosh is quite time-consuming and need a brainware.
everything is processed by hand. however, after several people at the forum InsanelyMac take the time to make the audio patch device easier to use, and then created an application called AppleHDAPatcher. now it was getting easier to work with.

Who develops this application? they are Mirone and Micky1979. I am very grateful to both of them that are willing to dedicate their abilities to the Hackintosh user.

hackintosh audio patch applehda
AppleHDA Patcher Interface


As I wrote earlier, the AppleHDA Patcher has enough features allow you to patch the audio chipset.
the features of which are:
  1. Ability to generate your computer audio DSDT if you need to enable your audio with DSDT patch.
  2. Capable of downloading generate all the supporting files for the bootloader that you use. whether it's the Chameleon bootloader or Clover bootloader.
  3. Support for the patch on the fly generated the kext file.
  4. Capable of checking your audio chipset.
  5. Capable of including CodecCommander kext for audio does not work after computer sleep.
And all the work only requires a fairly easy step. you just specify the type of chipset audio-only and opt for a desktop computer or laptop.
then you just press the patch button, then AppleHDA Patcher did the job automatically for you, and place the patched kext into your Hackintosh desktop. quite nice.

And if you are still using a method that is quite complicated to patch your audio chipset .. now is the time to try to use this application.
To get this app, you can visit the site on the link below.
AppleHDA Patcher Download
Make sure to register first before downloading the application, and don't feel dizzy.. registration process is simple enough.
And for how to use this application, you can follow along on the video below:

Finally,, I hope you find the useful thing here.
thanks for stopping by, greet...

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