2 Easy Ways to Create Windows 10 USB Bootable on Mac OS X

Hello.. in this article, I will discuss an easy way to create bootable USB windows 7 or windows 10 on mac os x.
this method can be used.. regardless you use real mac Osx computer or in Hackintosh PC.
this method has much to discuss, but there is no harm I wrote on this blog.
to create a bootable USB on mac os x is not as easy in the windows operating system, which is where a lot of the availability of the application to support this need.
there are many applications to create a bootable USB on windows like Rufus, Win to USB and many others similar tools.
2 Easy Ways to Create Windows 10 USB Bootable on Mac OS X

But when we use mac os x computers, while we are conducting a job like this would be constrained by many things.
because many existing applications on Windows does not support on mac os x.
But that does not mean there is no way, and in fact, the apple also has made an application boot camp assistant to facilitate mac os x computer users in order to answer all these needs.
however, in certain cases, there is some mac os x users can not create bootable USB windows on boot camp assistant.
for it, in this article, I will explain how to overcome these problems so that you can use the boot camp assistant to create a bootable USB windows on your Mac OS X computer.

In this article, I will discuss two methods to create bootable USB windows.
on the first tips is create windows USB boot with the terminal application, and the second way is to use the help of a boot camp assistant.
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First Method

Creating windows USB boot with DD command in the terminal application.
Practically, this method is the same way on how to create ubuntu Linux on mac os x as I wrote above (in another article).
but you can also follow the guide on below.
  1. Type diskutil list command on your terminal screen.
  2. Locate your pen drive path or identifier. or you can find on size information or Pendrive name. after you find it.. let's look at the first line for your Pendrive.. it should have address/path like this: /dev/diskX ( change the x with your Pendrive number)
  3. After knowing your Pendrive path, then you need to unmount the Pendrive.. so type this command to unmount the Pendrive:
    diskutil umount /dev/diskX (don't forget to change "x" letter with your pen drive's number).
  4. Now is time to restore windows .iso file into the Pendrive, so place your windows .iso file on the desktop to make easier for you to manage.. then type below command on terminal screen..sudo dd if= (after you typing this, drag your windows .iso file into your terminal screen).
    after dragging your windows .iso.. then type of=/dev/diskx bs=1m. then press the enter button on the keyboard.
    The complete command example is like show below.
    sudo dd if=/windows_file_path/Win10_English_x64.iso of=/dev/diskX bs=1m
  5. Wait for a moment, this process takes a few time to complete. then you're done to finish this task.
  6. After the process completed, type diskutil eject /dev/diskx to eject your flash drive. then you get ready to boot your computer to install windows from your USB Pendrive

Second Method

Create USB bootable windows with the help of boot camp assistant. and actually, this method is for a user who doesn't find any option when to try to create USB boot from boot camp assistant.
The first thing you need to do is to modifying info.plist properties that belong to boot camp assistant.
to solve this problem.. so open the boot camp assistant content folder with this below:
  1. Right click Boot camp assistant application, then choose "Show Package Contents"
  2. Open "Contents" folder
  3. Open "Info.plist" file with text editor (TextEdit or with another your favorite text editor)
  4. locate key with name <key>PreUSBBootSupportedModels</key>
  5. Change to <key>USBBootSupportedModels</key>
  6. Save the modification in your text editor, and now you can close your text editor.
  7. Re-opens your boot camps assistants,, and there you can go to create windows USB bootable by it.

If you feel dizzy to follow this tutorial, you can watch my video guide on the same topic as above.
here's the video. enjoy it.

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