How to Fix Macbook Pro Stuck on Blank Grey Screen?

Hi,, we meet again in this simple blog, This time I did not discuss about hackintosh.
I will share some thoughts on the issue of macbook pro laptop who experienced a grey screen and stuck when booting.
for some people, this case is often referred to as grey screen of death, grey screen with spinning wheel and etc.
but at the core, after the boot process, a macbook pro that i use is just show a grey screen displays without any icons/images, something like spinning wheel, folder icon or the other issues like any experienced of mb pro users.

MacBook Pro won't go past grey screen with loading bar and wheel
Macbook pro stuck at blank grey screen
This problem can be caused by many things. could be because by corrupted the mac os x system or caused by corrupted on the hard drive and on the other component parts.
but if you feel the hard drives or other devices on your mac computer is fine .. it never hurts to try to cope with a fairly easy way, this way you can do yourself as an initial step to address the problem booting stuck at the grey screen.

First Solution

For the first step to resolving this issue, simply by pressing a combination of keys on the keyboard of your macbook pro.
details steps as follows.

  • Press power button on your macbook pro, after your macbook pro had been shutdown, then press Command Option R on your macbook pro keyboard on your left hand.
  • While your left finger hand still press three combination button, and press power button with your right finger, then quickly press P button after pressing power button with your right finger hand.
  • At this thime, your macbook pro is become looping repeatedly, don't release your both fingers.. and lets count the reboot in about 3 times, when it will enter to reboot at fourth, then release your both fingers who are pressing a combination of keys.
  • Then wait your macbook pro finishing to reboot, and if your macbook pro successfully login into the desktop. so you can fix the problem.
  • Repeat the same step as above if your macbook pro still get stuck at the blank grey screen for several time.

Second Solution

If with the first solution is doesn't fix the problem, so you can try to boot into recovery mode, to restore your mac os x system backup.
with this step, you should had mac os x time machine system backup on your hard drive.
When all stuff is ready, reboot your macbook pro, then press Command + R button to login into recovery mode. then you can restore your mac os x system with time machine backup.
After restoring completed, try to reboot into normal mode, if problem is gone, then you have fix this problem, but if problem still exist.. it's can be caused by the other hardware component on your macbook pro. so at this stage, you can contact the apple customer service to ask any advice or get their support.

That's a simple way to overcome the problems macbook pro who fail to boot.
In this way,, I hope you can overcome the problems you are experiencing without having to carry your MacBook Pro to the repair shop.

If the above guidelines it is still not clear, you can see the video when I try to solve the problem.

Thanks for coming here..

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