How to Run CorelDraw on Mac OS X Without Virtual Machine?

There are still many CorelDRAW users who want to be able to use CorelDraw to run on mac os x operating systems.
whereas the Corel draw itself is already does not support the Mac OS X operating system. This certainly would be a hassle. I remember the last version CorelDRAW indeed for mac os x was made only on version 11, after that the developer has stopped CorelDraw to support in mac os x.
finally to circumvent this limitation, inevitably CorelDraw users on Mac OS X virtual machine should be installed with Microsoft Windows to run CorelDRAW. of course this will require a lot of resources on your mac computer.

How to Run CorelDraw on Mac OS X Without Virtual Machine

Running CorelDRAW in the virtual machine or run CorelDraw with wine emulator has each advantage and disadvantages.
before you decide to run, I'll explain the pros and cons.

Running CorelDraw under Virtual Machine:

Pros :

  • All features will run normally.
  • You can use any version of CorelDraw.

Cons :

  • Need more computer resources
  • Not efficient

Running CorelDraw under Wine emulator:

Pros :

  • Simple and practical
  • Best for a small resource for mac os x PC / laptop
  • Just need few setting

Cons :

  • Not all versions can run
  • Some features may not function properly.
After you read and consider the advantages of each. You can now make the right choice for you.
Furthermore, I will discuss how to configure CorelDraw using the application wine emulator.
There are many applications for wine emulator, such as Crossover, Wine bottler, Wineskin winery etc.. but certainly, for the configuration, I think remains the same.
On this article... I've used wine bottler, I like its much. especially this is a free app.

How To

Ok, henceforth, let's just discuss how setting CorelDraw to be run on Mac OS X without running on the virtual machine system.
The first step is.. download the app first wine bottler below:
Winebottler official download below:
Because I've used os x El Capitan, so I choose with 1.8 version.
After you completed, mount the .dmg file then drag the contents of /Application folder.
when both application already in your Application folder, open Wine apps with glass icon.
and look at your os x menu bar, you'll see a glass icon that appears. click on that icon and select Configuration menu. after that will appear as below:

wine configuration for coreldraw
Wine configuration

Click on little triangle icon on Windows Version section, and choose Windows XP, you can replace it with windows 7 or newer version. but here I chose windows XP.

winetrick cofiguration add libraries for coreldraw

After completed, do another setting, and now click on Libraries menu tab, and we need to add new libraries on here to make CorelDRAW run on our mac os x. so type ms HTML. see at below picture.

winetrick cofiguration add libraries for coreldraw

after typing ms HTML, click the little triangle icon to make sure the libraries already exist, and then click Add button to add these libraries. and now you can click Apply button then OK button.. and now you can close the Wine configuration menu.

For further setting is we need to add any library via Winetricks menu, and same with above step.. click on wine glass icon on menu bar, and now choose Winetricks menu, will appear box menu like below :

winetrick cofiguration add libraries for coreldraw

in search box at the top right, type Net, on this stage.. we need to add Netframework libraries into our wine engine. i just choose netframework 3.5. if you are in doubt.. you can select the entire net framework version to be installed in wine engine.. then click Apply button to download it. make sure.. your mac should connect to the internet. because this task is need internet connection to download the libraries.
Repeat the same step to download several libraries.. after completed. add below libraries via winetricks to, and download them.
  • mfc40, mfc42, vcrun2005 (or you can add all version of vcrun visual C++ into your wine)
  • comctl32, comctl32ocx,comdlg32ocx
Dont forget to click Apply button to download the libraries.. when completed, now you can close Winetrick and you can try to open CorelDraw application with .exe extension. make sure.. here, we just use portable coreldraw.. not the installer type for coreldraw.

Once you open it, this menu should appear on your mac os x screen.

open coreldraw with wine on mac os x

And you can click Go button because we don't need to create separate bundle application.. if you have successfully configured, then CorelDRAW will display the interface on your mac os x screen.

coreldraw can run in mac os x via wine emulator
CorelDRAW is running on mac os x
if you fail, do not forget to try to add libraries into wine engine. and do not forget to change the setting of the version of Windows that is used in wine configuration, as I have demonstrated in the first part.

Note :

When you using CorelDRAW to create any document, don't choose Save to save your document, but choose Export instead save.
and also choose Import instead Open when you want to open any vector document on this CorelDRAW.

And the final word, I would say thank you for visiting my blog. Do not forget to write your questions and comment when having difficulties.

If you feel dizzy to read this guide, so I think the better option is by watching my video guide below.

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