Best And Free Software to Inspect .PKG File For Your MacOS

MacOS computer users would have been not feeling strange for this type of application installers, codec installer, and others. All the installer is packaged in a file that uses the .pkg extension. in the Windows Operating System, the .pkg installer is the same as the .exe or .msi file.

To see what components exist in the .pkg file, you will need the help of additional applications. MacOS users generally use Pacifist application. but the application is not a free application, you will need to purchase this application in order to use its functions fully.
But lately has provided similar application Pacifist is provided free of charge. with the same functionality. This application is called Suspicious Package.

Lots of features are offered like paid apps. so that the application is quite satisfactory MacOS users to view the contents of the installer file is packaged in a .pkg format. And this time, I now had never used the help of applications such as Pacifist to view, to extract or other purposes. Because with the Suspicious Packages, all task can be handled, and it is totally free to use. so this application is recommended for use.
Here are the features offered by Suspicious Package, referring to information from the official website.
  • Opening an Installer Package
  • Browsing Installed Files
  • Searching and Filtering the Installed Files
  • Exporting Installed Files
  • Examining Install Scripts
  • Searching and Filtering in Install Scripts
  • Checking the Package Signature
  • And Many Features

For how to use this app, you can visit their guideline page Suspicious Package Guide.
I really feel satisfied using this application. in addition to the relatively small size, but has very powerful features.

Best And Free Software to Inspect .PKG File For Your MacOS
Best And Free Software to Inspect .PKG File For Your MacOS
Best And Free Software to Inspect .PKG File For Your MacOS

Suspicious packages application very supportive for  MacOS computer users, especially for a developer program, or those of you who love the world of scripting, coding or merely want to know what files are contained in the package installer.
If you feel scared when you want to open or install any installer in MacOS computer you use, then with the help of this app, you can see the contents of the installer. like to see information from the contents of a script after and before installation, the content of what will be installed, then you can also see the installation information placed where.
In my opinion, the application is very feasible to be used by all users of MacOS. considering the functions are very useful. and besides that, the application is free to use. If you want to try this app to your MacOS computer you're using, you can download it at the link below:

On above article is about inspecting .pkg file with Suspicious Packages, if you need a video guide about to create .pkg file without knowing any knowledge about coding, you can follow below video guide. enjoy it..

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