Free And Easy Hosts Editor For MacOS is Gas Mask

Some macOS computer users will definitely have a little problem when you want to modify the contents of the host's file to block access from or to the Internet.
because it is certain, to modify the contents of the Host file, must use the Nano through the terminal application. This course will bother some users are reluctant complicated.
for changing the contents of the Hosts through a terminal, the user can not use a mouse, the total process using a computer keyboard.

But with the Gas Mask application, to modify or change the contents of the hosts will be easier, because the workmanship can be easy for you because this application has a graphic interface that allows users. Gas Mask is a simple host file manager. It enables you to edit Hosts files and switch between them.
gas mask is free hosts editor for macos
Gas Mask will help you make modifications more quickly without having to find where the location of the Hosts file. simply by opening the application Gas Mask, then we can directly modify the contents of the Hosts. following completion of the modification, you simply enter a password to complete the process.
Gas Mask is free software that will run well on a platform under MacOS Lion, Mountain Lion and up to MacOS Sierra.
If you want to feel the ease in modifying the contents of the Hosts file, then you can download at the following URL:

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